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From the lab:

Horizon 2020 helps bring IncludeOS to IoT

With IoT security becoming more and critical it is becoming clear the world needs a secure operating system that can power the devices that surround us. We will, thanks to a generous grant from the Horizon 2020 program, bring IncludeOS to the ARM architecture. The result will be a secure and efficient operating system you can confidently deploy on your CPU-based IoT device. The details are in this blog post. ZDNET covered the our IoT platform in this article.

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IncludeOS is currently used in virtual enviroments for various network functions. However, there are potential use-cases in IoT, ultra-low latency and high performance APIs. If you are interested in exploring these opportunities with us please get in touch. You can reach the CEO, Per Buer, at We would love to talk to you.