Deploy Network Function Virtualization with IncludeOS® Mothership

Management platform

IncludeOS® Mothership is our management platform for IncludeOS® applications. It provides you with an easy way of deploying, configuring and updating IncludeOS® applications. It allows you to easily manage hundreds or thousands of virtual machines.

Mothership comes with an easy to use web interface, fully documented APIs for automation and a command line interface.

Disruption free updates with Liveupdate.

IncludeOS® Liveupdate is a mechanism to do stateful, disruption-free upgrades of running IncludeOS applications. It allows IncludeOS Mothership to hotswap the running application while retaining state, eliminating the need for scheduled downtime.

Architecture overview

When an IncludeOS® instance is booted up it will automatically connect to the Mothership. This connection is used to manage the instance. The log from the instance is made available to the Mothership and can be disseminated futher. As instances are being reconfigured, the Mothership builds new instances and pushes them down into the virtual machine. A Liveupdate is then performed and the instance will store it's state, execute the new instance, restore it's state and reconnect back to the Mothership.